Coolest Projects project registration now open!

Since the first Coolest Projects showcase in 2012, thousands of young people from around the world have been celebrated and rewarded for their innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, and technology skills at these free annual youth tech showcases.

We want to continue to expand access to Coolest Projects and technology education for young people, and we are excited to announce that this year, for the first time, any young person can apply to showcase at Coolest Projects UK, USA, or International!

Opening project registration, ticket sign-up, and bursary applications

Today we are launching project registration, releasing tickets for the public, and opening travel bursary applications to all three events:

Register to present at Coolest Projects

Do you know a young person up to 18 years of age who has made, or wants to make, a fun game, creative animation, thoughtful app, informative website, or useful hardware project? The project can be made by one person, or a group of up to five young creators!

Register their creative tech ideas now:

Projects do not have to be complete before registration, and a limited number of places to present is available.

You can update the application after you register — register now to reserve a place ahead of the deadline of your chosen event!

All levels of ability are welcome

Coolest Projects events are free to participate in, and we encourage participants with all levels of ability. The events’ focus is on creativity, participation, and most of all on having fun!

Participants can win awards in categories from Games, Mobile Apps, and Websites, to Advanced Programming and, for the first time at our international event, 3D Design & Animation!

Travel support is available

Bursaries are available to help young people travel to participate in Coolest Projects International, UK, or USA. Find out more and apply for a travel bursary to your nearest Coolest Projects event.

Everyone is invited

Coolest Projects is not just for young makers and coders who want to present their projects: the events are open to everyone! We invite everyone to attend, whether you are a parent, sibling, teacher, maker, gaming enthusiast, volunteer at a Code Club or Dojo, industry professional, student, or simply someone with an interest in tech innovation and creativity.

Get your ticket today:

Resources to make ideas a reality

Do you need some inspiration to help the young creator in your life make their ideas a reality? Print out and use our idea generation and design worksheets to help children go from their dream to a working project to present at Coolest Projects! You can also take a look at our our Past projects showcase page to see some of the young makers and creations from previous events.

Inspire your young learners

Are you a Code Club, CoderDojo, Raspberry Jam volunteer, Raspberry Pi Certified Educator, teacher or youth group leader? We’ve put together helpful presentations and videos you can use to highlight the event and encourage the young people you engage with to participate in Coolest Projects 2019.

See you in a few months!