Coolest Kids Feature: meet Navin and Anish!

Meet Navin and Anish, our first Coolest Kids Feature for Coolest Projects USA 2020!


We’re leading up to the biggest day of the year where the COOLEST kids from all over the USA will be traveling to Discovery Cube Orange County in Santa Ana, CA to share what they’ve made using code. Brothers Navin and Anish attended the Coolest Projects USA event last year, and we recently interviewed them about their brand-new project, which they will be showcasing on Saturday, March 7th!

Design and inspiration

Navin and Anish have been coding for over six years, and love creating realistic-looking video games that correspond to film and television. They’re also fans of Star Wars! Their project, May the micro:bit be with you!, is a “micro:bit–controlled lightsaber that can be used to train hand–eye coordination with an in-game training droid.” It was inspired by another project that they saw while presenting at last year’s Coolest Projects. Navin said, “I saw this really cool micro:bit fishing pole project, and from there, I realized that the micro:bit had an accelerometer in it, so I thought I could attach it to a lightsaber.” 

Highlights, challenges, and advice

For Navin and Anish, the best part of working on their project has been seeing their vision come to life — something we know all Coolest Projects participants can relate to. “It really brightens me to see it all work perfectly,” said Navin. It wasn’t easy getting to that point though; they both said that it was difficult, at first, trying to find the right software and hardware to use. They also offered some advice for creators who might be stuck with their project: “Don’t try to think about it all at once. Try to take it in parts.” 

Navin and Anish at Coolest Projects USA 2019 with the rest of the Mobile Apps participants

Get ready to be inspired!

With just 11 days to go, Navin and Anish can’t wait to see what other creators will be showcasing at the event. “I’m probably going to get inspiration for my next project,” said Navin. This is what Coolest Projects is truly all about!

Get ready to be inspired on March 7th at Coolest Projects USA, and make sure to check out Navin and Anish’s project, May the micro:bit be with you!.