The MaCES Girls Who Code club are coming to Coolest Projects USA 2020!

Meet our second Coolest Kids Feature, the MaCES Girls Who Code club from Maywood, California!

As we learned last week from brothers Navin and Anish, project ideas can be inspired by anything around you. For the Girls Who Code club in Maywood, California, many of their projects were inspired by things that are important to them, and coding gave them the space to create projects that make a difference. Get ready to see their incredible projects on Saturday, March 7 at Discovery Cube Orange County!

Helping people

Chatbox Coping Method, designed by group members Joycelyn, Delilah, Alanis, and Haily, is a chatbot that helps support people living with depression. The idea for their project came after learning about mental health in class and wanting to share their newfound learnings with others. 

Care4You is a website created by duo Emily and Isabel in order to help people evaluate their mental health and, upon completion, will redirect you to resources to help you in whatever way you need. Their biggest challenge was finding time to work side-by-side with each other, but their dedication to making a difference in people’s lives carried them to the completion of their project.

Isabel (left) and Emily (right) together at their last club meeting.

Helping animals

Animal Shelter, by Karla and Emma, is a game in which players take care of animals in a shelter and help them get adopted, in order to raise awareness of what happens to animals when they aren’t adopted. They also drew everything for their game themselves using different tools!

Sarah, Camila, and Mitzi created Critter Escape, a game in which players help animals escape from danger, and collect treats along the way. They were adamant about encouraging people to trust their ideas, no matter how silly, because even the silliest apps can be awesome! 

Leslie made a project called Dogs, which teaches people about health benefits for various breeds of dogs. She created all of this, and she has only been coding for a year!

Helping the environment

Deforestation Station, created by Kayla, Carola, Cassandra, Natalia, and Siboney, is a game designed to help people better understand deforestation, as well as provide probable solutions. Making interactive stories is something they all love to do, so you can look forward to experiencing their incredible story! 

The MaCES Girls Who Code club cannot wait to see what everyone else has made! It’s going to be an exciting day that you won’t want to miss!

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