Project Registration Deadline Extended for Coolest Projects!

Project Registration Deadline Extended

Our project applications are almost capacity, but given the feedback we’ve received from eager participants we are extending the project registration deadline for the Coolest Projects International showcase and our regional event, Coolest Projects UK  by one week, until Monday, 2 April at midnight GMT+1.

Coolest Projects International on Saturday 26 May is not just a competition, it’s a celebration that supports young innovators and tech creators aged up to 18 years. It offers young people the opportunity to showcase the skills they have learned at their local CoderDojo, Code Club or other Raspberry Pi initiative to an international audience. There will also be lots of hands on workshops, interactive exhibits and speakers for young people to engage with and learn from.


Help young people celebrate their creations, by registering it in one of the following categories: Scratch, website, games & web games, mobile apps, hardware or evolution before next Monday!

Remember projects do not have to be completed before you register them for the event. For those based in the UK, remember that project applications for Coolest Projects UK, on in Here East, London on Saturday 28 April, has also been extended until next Monday!

If you have any questions, check out the Registration FAQs here, the judging criteria here.

In 2017 more than 560 projects were presented by young people at Coolest Projects International. The event attracted more than 10,000 spectators to witness demonstrations their submissions.

We already have project entries from clubs in 15 countries, including Argentina, Bulgaria Italy, Japan, Ireland and Turkey among others. However, we would love to see even more great project ideas coming in from young people involved in clubs around the world!

Encouraging Girls in your club to enter

In particular we encourage as many girls who have projects they are working on to register their projects before Monday. Gender parity at Coolest Projects is something we strive for. We want girls to feel just as able and welcome as their male counterparts to participate. Coolest Projects International and Coolest Projects UK offers a great opportunity for children to be exposed to role models and ideas that encourage them to remain involved in making with technology into the future.

What can be included in the Evolution category?

We would also love to see more entries utilising advanced languages, IOT or which combine categories (eg. projects which integrate hardware and mobile apps) to partake in the evolution category. This category currently has the lowest number of projects entered, therefore giving entrants using advanced languages a better chance of being awarded in this category!


Last year Alessia, Marta, Jacopo and Andrea (all aged 13) from Brianza Dojo, Italy entered their “JAAM WASTE-RECYCLE PROJECT” into the evolution category. “We developed a smart trash bin that is able to detect the material of which junk is composed so, for example, we can guarantee that plastic, aluminium and paper are put in the right trash bin.

Another evolution project entered last year was created by Alexandra , Radu and Teodor (all aged 16) from Bucuresti Nord, Romania, called “Smart Home”. The project uses Arduinos, programmed in Java and also android mobile technology. It can send a notification to you phone or smart watch if someone other than you enters your house. It can also be used to close the curtains from your mobile or turn on and off lights by clapping your hands using a sound sensor.