Project Registration FAQs

How do I register my project?

Registration is now closed for the International and UK events for 2018. You can register a project, that a young person under the age of 18 involved in CoderDojo, or Raspberry Pi initiatives such as Code Club, Pioneers and Raspberry Jams, created to present at Coolest Projects using the registration form for next years event once it becomes available. You can still attend this years event even if you haven’t a project registered. Sign up to our newsletter at to get the latest updates and to be notified when next years forms go live.


Can I update my project details after I’ve registered?

Yes, once you have registered a project for Coolest Projects International in Dublin you will be emailed with details on how to login to edit or update your project details.


What is the closing date for project registrations?

The closing date for project registrations being entered into Coolest Projects International and Coolest Projects UK was April 2.


What happens if the project is not complete by the day of the event?

Don’t worry if your project is not 100% complete – bring what you have developed so far. Coolest Projects is all about the experience and learning gained from participating and showing what you have created.


Can I present more than 1 project?

No, all participants and/or teams can only submit 1 project, in a single category to be judged.


Can there be team/group projects?

Yes, a single project can be submitted by a team/group. There are a maximum of 5 participants allowed per team. For group projects, the project should have the details of each team member included on the project registration form.

What types of projects can be registered?

All projects from beginner to advanced are accepted. Coolest Projects is all about recognition for those who have had an idea and made it a reality using the skills they have learnt at their local CoderDojo, Code Club, Raspberry Jam or other Raspberry Pi Foundation initiative.

All projects created by CoderDojo youth members and makers in the Raspberry Pi Community, including members of Code Club, Pioneers, and Raspberry Jams are accepted for registration!

The event is all about young people showcasing what they have created with the knowledge gained from attending their local Dojo, Code Club, Raspberry Jam or other Foundation initiative. We have seen everything from Scratch animations, Scratch games, local sports club websites, HTML mobile apps, games hardware hacks and lots more. See all the project categories here.

Can I participate at a Regional Coolest Projects?

Yes, if you attend a club in that region you can participate in your regional Coolest Projects event as well as the International event. See the list of regional Coolest Projects via the “Regional events” tab on the top right.