The 2015 Coolest Projects Awards takes place in the RDS, Dublin on June 13th!




The Coolest Projects Awards was created to encourage, support and showcase the creativity within the CoderDojo community. With CoderDojo, young people can make their most exciting ideas a reality. 


The Awards give CoderDojo youth attendees the opportunity to work towards a goal by developing an idea from concept through to development and launch. It allowsCoderDojo youth (Ninjas) to take what they have learned at CoderDojo to a whole new level. 


It’s way easier to showcase ideas you are passionate about, we want to encourage CoderDojo youth to present their ideas with confidence and pride. The Coolest Projects Awards is a celebration of what CoderDojo youth have achieved with the skills and knowledge learnt at CoderDojo.

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The CoderDojo Foundation

The Coolest Projects Awards was created by passionate CoderDojo Champions and Mentors! The amazing support from the CoderDojo Foundation has helped the Awards grow to include CoderDojo members from Dojos around the world! The CoderDojo Foundation plays vital role in supporting the global CoderDojo community and we were delighted when they joined forces with the Coolest Projects Awards team back in 2013.

The CoderDojo Foundation team play an important role on the Coolest Projects Awards implementation and creative teams, helping to plan, organise and implement the event on the day. It would not have been possible for the Coolest Projects Awards to get to where we are today without the help and support of the Foundation team. We thank you for all your hard work and support!



This event was only made possible through the support and vision of Intel. Intel have been involved from the start! When we first sat down with Intel in 2012 we described this event for CoderDojo youth to support creativity, drive innovation, bring the CoderDojo community together and recognise the amazing projects CoderDojo youth were creating. 

Thanks to Intel for partnering with the Coolest Projects Awards each yeah helping us expand nationally. We are both passionate about encouraging the adoption of tech subjects and providing a sustained platform for the current generation. We want the Coolest Projects Awards to celebrate not only developers, but future tech thinkers!


Liberty Global & UPC

In 2014 Liberty Global began to support the CoderDojo Foundation by assisting the expansion of CoderDojo across Europe.  

We were delighted when they continued to support the CoderDojo community by supporting the Coolest Projects Awards helping it to become an international event.  Thanks to Liberty Global members from England, Scotland, Netherlands, Italy, Poland and Romania were able to attend the 2014 event to share their creativity at the Awards.  

We were also delighted to team up with UPC when they setup CoderDojo Dublin 4. 

Meet all our awesome supporters

It is truly incredible seeing young people from the age of 7 to 17 building an array of apps, websites, games, even working robotic arms and all sorts of things! It’s a true milestone for the CoderDojo community.

- James Whelton (CoderDojo Co-Founder) -

Some Previous Entries

Cool Projects

About to embark on their Junior and Leaving Certs, brother and sister combination Chris and Chloe Burke decided it was time to revolutionise the theorem market and bring maths learning into the 21st Century by creating AppTheorems!

Chris and Chloe Burke


One project that rocked the foundation of Intel was Catriona’s creation, CoderDojo Rock Star. The aim of this ingenious project is to teach you how to play a musical instrument! It provides you with an online instrument and access to video content to support your chart topping dreams!

Catrina Carrigan

CoderDojo Rock Star

What better way to give back to CoderDojo than to take what you have learned to make your Dojo better and more accessible to the local community. That’s what some of the members from Athlone CoderDojo have done. Having just learned HTML and CSS, these CoderDojo members built a super cool website to support and promote their local Dojo.

CoderDojo Athlone

CoderDojo Athlone Website