Melissa Pickering’s favourite projects

We’re so delighted that our fabulous judges, Melissa Pickering, Colin Furze, Fig O’Reilly, and James Whelton, have chosen their favourite projects from this year’s Coolest Projects online showcase!

This week, we’re highlighting the projects that Melissa Pickering chose as her favourites.

What were Melissa Pickering’s favourite projects from this year’s showcase?

Melissa Pickering is Head of Product at LEGO Education. She leads a cross-functional team to design and develop learning through play for kids globally. She has worked in the field of interactive kids’ products for 15 years.

FUN FACT: Melissa worked as a Disney Imagineer at Disney theme parks! 

Here’s what Melissa had to say about what being creative with tech means to her:

“For me, getting creative with technology means pride in your creation. It’s that warm, fuzzy feeling that you have when you see something that you’ve actually made with your own hands, and that’s an AMAZING feeling.”

These are the projects that Melissa liked the most.

Playable Lego Steinway Piano by Lavie

“A Lego piano that actually plays, and sounds like a Steinway!”

Escape the Maze by Niamh

“A virtual reality maze escape game.”

Bookwriggle by Theo

“A book recommendation website.”

Rocket Game by Patrick Elliot 

“This game consists of three levels. In each level, the player has to navigate the rocket, and try to collect stars and avoid rocks.”

A Deep Learning Based Backyard Squirrel Detection System by Arvin

“A system that autonomously detects passing squirrels and sends out alerts.”

Hospito by Yuvati

“An application named Hospito. It helps people to find hospitals in their state, city, village, or town. It also helps people in emergencies.”

You can explore all of this year’s projects in our showcase gallery.

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