Colin Furze’s favourite projects

Our extra-special judges, Colin Furze, Melissa Pickering, Fig O’Reilly, and James Whelton, have all chosen their favourite projects from the Coolest Projects 2021 online showcase. 

This year’s Coolest Projects online showcase gave over 1000 young people from 47 different countries the opportunity to explore their creativity and realise their tech ambitions.

This week, we’re looking at Colin Furze’s favourite projects. 

Which projects did Colin like the best? 

From Lincolnshire, England, Colin Furze is a YouTube personality, presenter, inventor, and five-time Guinness world record holder. Colin’s YouTube channel has over 10 million subscribers. 

FUN FACT: Colin has a Guinness world record for building the world’s longest motorcycle; it was 46 feet and 3 inches (14.09 m) long! 

Colin had some wonderful advice for young digital makers everywhere: 

“My advice to you as a young digital maker is just START. It doesn’t matter how complicated a project is, it always has a start. Just get two components, put them together, and take it from there.”

These are the projects that Colin has chosen as his favourites from this year’s online showcase!

A Consumer IoT Seismometer for Earthquake Early Warning by Vivien

“I designed, programmed, built, and tested a low-cost, consumer seismometer for earthquake early warning (EEW).”

Science Fighter by Yusuf and Ömer Faruk

“Our project is a two-player fighter game, but the characters are famous scientists and they have their own special attacks related to their work.”

Zoom Chat: New and Improved by Clara, Hannah, and Alondra

“To differentiate between types of messages in the Zoom chat, and their level of importance, we proposed a new design for the Zoom chat.”

Math Race by Muntadar

“I made a math practice game to help other children to practice during the Covid-19 pandemic. I wanted to make learning fun for them.”

Using Machine Learning To Mind-Control a Flamethrower by Nathaniel

“I built a mind-controlled flamethrower that uses a TensorFlow Lite model with raw data from an EEG. The model was trained on my own brain data and had an accuracy of 80%. I used it to control a flamethrower, but the same technology could be repurposed for any computer interface.”

Safe Circle by Dillon

“During the Covid-19 pandemic, my family and I wanted to go for walks and cycles within our 2 km limit. Safe Circle alerts you when you leave your travel limit, allows you to view your travel limit on a map as you move, and also allows you to manually set your travel limit.”

You can explore all of this year’s projects in our showcase gallery.

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