Free resources to help your club take part in Coolest Projects

Coolest Projects online is a global celebration of creativity and innovation. Young people, up to 18 years of age, can showcase what they’ve made with technology in our online gallery, and learn in a safe and encouraging space online. 

Coolest Projects is free to enter and celebrates creators irrespective of their experience, skill level, background, or choice of programming language — from Scratch to web development, apps to hardware. 

Regardless of whether your club is currently paused, sending remote activities, or running online sessions, young people who are usually involved in your club can take part in Coolest Projects

We know your time is limited, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to support young people to continue being creative at this time.

If you are running online sessions

Follow our “Four-session plan” to help you each step of the way. These are designed for clubs running once every two weeks, but you can adapt them to suit the number of sessions you have planned between now and the end of April.

Kick off with our Session 1: Introduction to Coolest Projects and idea generation presentation. It’ll help you explain Coolest Projects to your clubs participants and get young people to start brainstorming project ideas!

Then use our Session 2: Start coding presentation, to help them make their ideas a reality!

Sending remote activities or if your club is paused

For those who are unable to run online sessions, we have an even more convenient option. Use our email templates to send regular resources and updates to parents and guardians of your club’s participants. Edit and adapt them to suit your situation.

Even if you haven’t been in touch with your club recently, Coolest Projects provides a great opportunity to check in and re-engage volunteers, parents, and young people who were involved in your club previously.

Project registration for Coolest Projects is now open! Help your young people get their projects in before the deadline on 3 May. If you need some help, check out our Coolest Projects online FAQs or send an email to [email protected].