Coolest Projects online FAQs

Who can enter?

If you’re up to 18 years old and you have made a cool project, you can join in. You can work as an individual or as part of a team of up to five. All projects are welcome, from beginner to advanced, in any programming language and using whatever hardware you have available.

Don’t worry if your project is not 100% complete — prototypes and works in progress are welcome. The Coolest Projects online showcase is open to projects of all skill levels; the focus is on creativity, participation, and most of all, having fun!

What can I enter?

This year, your project should fit into one of six categories: Hardware, Scratch, Mobile Apps, Web, Games (excluding Scratch), and Advanced Programming.

Your project does not need to be completely finished. You can still submit your project if it doesn’t quite work as intended.

How many times can I enter?

Individuals can enter every category once by themselves, and once as part of a team. Multiple entries per category are not allowed for either individuals or teams.

How do I enter?

Scratch category:

If you have made your project in Scratch, you must enter your project in the Scratch category, even if it’s a game. When registration opens, save your project to our Scratch studio, answer a few questions in your project notes (see below), then complete our registration form.

All other categories (Hardware, Mobile Apps, Web, Games, Advanced Programming):

  1. Make a short video (maximum of two minutes) in which you screen share your code and answer a few questions about your project (see below). View our guidelines for making your video. 

If you are entering a project in the Mobile Apps category, you can use an app emulator in your video, if you like.

  1. Upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo (check with your parents/guardians and ensure that comments are turned off).
  2. Complete our registration form. Your project will then be moderated and added to the showcase when it goes live!

You should answer the following questions, either in your video or via the Scratch notes:

  1. Tell us about your project. Why did you choose to make this project?
  2. What did you find difficult while making your project and how did you work it out?
  3. Is there anything you would do differently or you would add if you had more time?

Make sure that you answer all three questions.

Registration opens on 18 May at 9:00 BST via our home page, where you’ll also find guidance for how to make a video, and lots more information!

Where can I learn more about getting involved in Coolest Projects?

Learn how to register a project for our online showcase with these step-by-step guidelines and view our summary video below!


  • Registration opens: Monday 18 May, 9:00 BST
  • Registration closes: Sunday 28 June, midnight BST
  • Announcement of judges’ favourites: Week commencing 20 July

How will projects be judged?

All projects are evaluated on four criteria: Coolness, Complexity, Presentation & Communication, and Design & Usability.

When marking projects for Presentation and Communication, we will take into account the different submission processes for Scratch projects (a link to your completed project and accompanying notes) and other projects (a submission video explaining your project including your code).

Projects will be judged in two stages:

  1. Your project will be assigned to our panel of shortlisting judges. Every project will be judged twice, using the same scoring criteria as at the in-person events.
  2. Projects that are shortlisted will be passed on to our panel of VIP judges, who will then select their favourites. The judges’ favourites will be announced during the week of 20 July.

When is the deadline?

Your project must be registered via our form by midnight on Sunday 28 June! Shortlisting begins immediately afterwards and we’ll be in touch in the coming weeks.

Can I enter if English is not my first language?

Projects should be registered in English (written English for Scratch projects, and spoken or written English for video submissions), but you can ask someone to translate for you if needed. If you are making a video and you are not confident speaking English and don’t know someone who can translate for you, let us know at [email protected] and we can discuss how to support you.