Limor Fried’s favourite projects

This year, Coolest Projects took place online to allow more young people to take part from home.

We also recruited some special judges: Limor Fried, Hayaatun Sillem,  Eben Upton, Mitch Resnick, and Tim Peake. Our judges have picked out some of their favourite projects from the Coolest Projects online showcase!

Which projects did Limor Fried like the best?

Limor ‘Ladyada’ Fried is an MIT engineer and the founder and owner of Adafruit, a company that creates hardware and educational resources for anyone interested in digital making. Limor personally selects, tests, and approves all the tools, equipment, and electronics on offer by Adafruit. Limor has a message for all Coolest Projects participants: 

“Being creative with technology means you’re using the stuff around you and learning how to make it do what you want, not what some other company or some person or some program who doesn’t know you, wants it to  do.”

Young tech creators registered projects from their homes in 39 countries, including Ireland, Australia, Palestine, UK, USA, India, and Indonesia. In total, an incredible 560 projects from 775 young creators are part of the showcase.

These are the projects Limor liked the most:

Sara, Batool, Rahaf, Nancy: Children Body Language

“The idea of ​​the project started when we saw that some mothers or those caring for children could not understand the signs and movements from their children, especially the new mothers, where there were difficulties in understanding their children.”

Lars: Colourbird PicoBello

“My name is Lars and I am 8 years old. I made the PicoBello bird because I needed some help with my iron beads.”

Alisa, Michelle: Green Coins

“With our app, people will buy less, and save money. Our app helps save the environment by reducing the amount of trash.”

Niamh: MineBlower

“This is my project MineBlower which is a Minesweeper-type game. I decided to make a Minesweeper-type game because I thought it would be very enjoyable.”

Marah: My School Website

“I have designed a website using the HTML programming language as a gift for my dear school. And I have designed this website at the beginning of my learning of HTML.”

Raluca: Protect the Planet!

“The idea of ​​the project is a brief vision of some changes that have taken place on the Earth from the past and until now, transposed in the form of a video presentation during a geography lesson.”

Rhea: The Amazing Photo Filter

“My project is an interesting design made with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It is able to filter a picture of your choice with different properties such as brightness, contrast, and hue rotation. Many people don’t have access to expensive apps or photo filters, but my website is free and can be accessible to anyone!”

You can view all the projects — games, hardware builds, Scratch projects, mobile apps, and more in our showcase gallery now.

This year’s Coolest Projects online showcase wouldn’t be possible without the support of our sponsors — thank you!