Dr Hayaatun Sillem’s favourite projects

Our special judges — Hayaatun Sillem, Eben Upton, Limor Fried, Mitch Resnick, and Tim Peake — have chosen their favourite projects from the Coolest Projects online showcase!

Which projects did Dr Hayaatun Sillem like the best?

This week, we highlight Dr Hayaatun Sillem’s favourite entries. Dr Hayaatun Sillem is the CEO of the Royal Academy of Engineering, which brings together the UK’s leading engineers and technologists to promote engineering excellence for the benefit of society. She also has a PhD in cancer research!

We’ve had young tech creators register projects from their homes in 39 countries, including Ireland, Australia, Palestine, UK, USA, India, and Indonesia. In total, an incredible 560 projects from 775 young creators are part of the showcase. Dr Hayaatun has a message for all Coolest Projects participants: 

“Engineers and technologists are shaping our world, they are creating our future. That’s why it’s so, so, so important that we have as much talent as possible, that comes from all around the world and comes from all parts of society.”

Here are the projects that Hayaatun liked the most:

Radu Matei: Agartha Lore. Rebellion

“Agartha Lore is my primary project. I have been working on it for two years. At the base, this is a third-person RPG game, taking place inside the cavities of the earth, generically called Agartha.”

Momoka: AI trash can

“I want people to put trash in the correct place so I made this AI trash can. This AI trash can separates the trash. I used ML2 Scratch. I used a camera to help the computer learn what type of trash it is.”

Kian: Cellular Ecosystem: Life in a petri dish

“This game was inspired by a problem in the world, vulnerability of biodiversity. It shows the fragileness of ecosystems, and the rarity of balance.”

Sama, Sam, Taima, Nouran, Rama: Five feet apart

“It was an idea inspired by an article that shows the dumping of biomedical waste in the middle of the city street in Tulkarm – Palestine […] Disposal of this is important to protect healthcare workers, patients, and keep our environment clean.”

Tucker: Rivers.run

“Rivers.run was initially created to make global river expertise widely available. Rivers.run provides easy to use search and short tools, making it easy to find rivers you like at good flow levels.”

Cyrus: School student ePortal

“My school has a teacher’s portal, a parent’s portal but nothing for us, the kids. I have designed an ePortal to address this issue.”

You can find all the projects that Hayaatun has highlighted on our showcase gallery.

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