Recapping the COOLEST event: Coolest Projects USA 2020!

Celebrating the coolest creators across the USA at Coolest Projects!

The COOLEST event of the year returned to Southern California on Saturday, March 7, for its third celebration of the USA’s most creative and innovative young people. As expected, it was nothing short of incredible! Many young creators shared their vision for the future, presenting projects that addressed important issues such as the environment and social justice. Other creators dazzled and entertained us with their artistic expression!

The coolest day of the year

Creators travelled from northern California, Texas, Louisiana, and Georgia to participate in the most cutting-edge youth technology showcase around!  Participants were excited to connect with their peers, eager to see everyone’s unique projects. The diversity of participants and project ideas was a true representation of what we believe: coding is for everyone!

Last year’s Mobile Apps winner Ashley Chu returned as our opening guest speaker and was a judge!

The Award Ceremony

In addition to the category winners, the judges chose to—for the first time ever—recognize an overall winner of Coolest Projects. Meet this year’s winners below: 

Visual Programming

Nathan won for his project ‘Memory assistant’, an assistant for seniors to promote hydration and to remind them to take their medication. 

Mobile Apps

Judges chose Lara’s project ‘Nature kids’, an app that raises awareness of climate change and connects people all around the world to promote solutions to help the cause. 


Trio Yuhan (Gary), Aasheesh, and Russ created ‘Fynking Stock Analytics & Algorithmic trading’, a program and website that can find a way to manipulate and use stock trading to net gain consistently that floored the judges. 


Kayla, Carola, Cassandra, Natalia, and Sibone (members of the MaCES Girls Who Code club) won for ‘Deforestation Station’, a multifaceted project designed to address the problem of global deforestation. This project not only included an interactive game, but a fully functioning website and robot as well.


Returners Kausthubh, Maria, Sarah, and Eric created ‘Vest buddy – 2nd generation’, a wearable technology project that helps non-verbal young people communicate. 

Overall Winner of Coolest Projects USA 2020

Adarsh’s project ‘Vital signs’ is a system for monitoring vital signs to diagnose illness without touching the patient. It also provides limitless possibilities, from preventing sudden infant death syndrome to diagnosing viruses. 

A special thanks

Coolest Projects USA wouldn’t be possible without the amazing volunteers and parents who continue to support the COOLEST creators every year. We also want to thank our sponsors, Blizzard Entertainment, Broadcom Foundation, and CanaKit along with our incredible partner Discovery Cube Orange County for hosting the event. And lastly, a special thank you to our opening speaker Ashley Chu for kicking off the day and for being an amazing cheerleader for the creators. 

Coolest Projects USA 2020 was a huge success and we can’t wait to see what amazing projects come to life in the coming year from our creators!