How to make a project : Workbook and additional resources

Want to help inspire young tech creators to get involved in Coolest Projects?Whether you’re in a Code Club, in a Dojo, a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator, or a part of our Jam community we want you and your groups attendees to get involved in Coolest Projects!

Below are some Coolest Projects resources to inspire young people you know to get involved:

Idea Generation and Design Workbook

This workbook helps young people design and build their project. It guides them through each step of the design process with prompts and questions to fill in along the way.

Project Design Sheets

If you know what types of projects young people are likely to be doing you may also find it useful to print out in advance some of the extra pages which are available for designing screens for various different devices; these can be found here.

Testing Sheets

The final step is the “Testing” phase and should be done after some work has been completed on the actual project! Additional testing sheets can be downloaded here for young people who adopt the iterative approach to their project.