Win a Pi Zero and more by sharing #MyCoolestProject

Win a Pi Zero and more by sharing #MyCoolestProject

Ahead of Coolest Projects International (Dublin), and regional events in Belgium and the UK, we want to see what fun and useful ideas young people are working on at their local Dojo, and reward them for doing so!

Great, how do I get involved?

We want to learn more about how you created your project, any challenges you faced and how you are overcoming them. To participate share a video, photos and text about the process of making your idea a reality using the hashtag #MyCoolestProject either on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter

Just like for Coolest Projects events, your project does not have to be complete for you to share what you are currently creating. Any project you’re making in your Dojo is applicable; games, animations, websites, apps or hardware projects for example are all welcome. Additionally, Ninjas can participate regardless if they are attending a Coolest Projects event or not.

What can I include in my post?

  • Images of your project in the process of being built/created
  • A video of your project in action
  • Tips and advice for other young people creating similar projects
  • What you learned through creating your project
  • Anything you found challenging when making your project
  • What you are hoping to develop further
  • Your original idea and if it changed through making your project
  • Why you decided to make your specific project

Note: it is not necessary to include all of the above in your post, just remember to include: #MyCoolestProject


What if I am under 13 or don’t have a social media account?

No problem, most Dojos have a preferred social media account that they use. Why not ask a Mentor, your Parent or your Guardian to help make and share a video or photos with details about your project using their account?


Are there any Prizes?

Yes! Each week for the next four weeks, we will randomly allocate two goodie bags of prizes to young people who share what they are creating; these goodie bags will include an assortment of stickers, Coolest Projects t-shirts signed by CoderDojo Co-Founder and coder James Whelton (limited sizes/number available), CoderDojo’s second book: Create your own game, Raspberry Pi Beginners Books, Raspberry Pi Zeros and cases!

As well as these prizes, we will be sharing project images and videos you with the wider CoderDojo community, so you will be helping inspire more young people to develop their ideas and create with code!

Those who have been randomly allocated a goodie bag will be announced each Saturday for the next four weeks. Watch the account you posted from each Saturday, so if you are chosen we can get your details to send you your goodie bag. The first announcement will be on March 3rd. There will also be two additional prizes on the fourth week, for those who have engaged most with other Ninjas sharing their projects and helping by sharing their project tips and challenges.

Remember, if you do intend to showcase your project at Coolest Projects International you can register your project details here and edit them anytime, or register your project idea for Coolest Projects UK here.

So what are you waiting for?

Take some photos of you putting it together, make a video or it in action and tell us how you or your team are getting on with it on either Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #MyCoolestProject!