Opening up Coolest Projects to the Raspberry Pi Community

We have an exciting announcement about Coolest Projects! This year we are opening up all centrally run Coolest Projects events to a wider audience of creators and makers in the Raspberry Pi Community, including members of Code Club, Pioneers, and Raspberry Jams.



Coolest Projects was created to give young people the chance to showcase the great ideas they have created. It aims to inspire and reward innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and technology skills in young innovators. Opening up to more makers means more young people get the chance to showcase their ideas, regardless of the club that they attend.

It also means more there will be more cool projects on display for our community and the general public to see on the day!


What if there are more entries than the capacity?

If there are more entries from the CoderDojo or Raspberry Pi communities than there are places allocated to them, and we are at full capacity, we’ll be selecting people according to the rules and regulations of the event, as well as including a proportionate number of Scratch, apps, games, hardware, and websites. Then, overall, we’ll also be including location & gender in the mix.

In previous years, though, Coolest Projects International hasn’t been completely full, so unless a lot more people enter this year than in the past, we’ll be able to include everyone who registers.


How can I enter?

​Project registration for Coolest Projects will open this Wednesday 24 January for all youths to register their ideas and save their space at the event. Be the first to hear when registration opens and tickets go live by signing up to our newsletter here.
To help Ninjas get started, check out our “How to build a project” poster guide and our idea generation worksheets.