Some of the awesome projects at Coolest Projects 2017!

Last June the Foundation team (and everyone we chatted too) had such an amazing two days from meeting community members at our international meet-up and pre-registration to being blown away by the diversity, complexity and originality of ninjas projects at Coolest Projects, you project presenters didn’t make the judges job easy, what with you all being so awesome at creating and showcasing your CoderDojo projects!

Below is a selection of some of the projects that we seen on the day and the presenters description of their project:

Selin (11) from Istanbul Kadikoy@Makerhane Dojo in Turkey made the Hardware project “T@chowuff – Smart Dog Collar”

“We have a family dog his name is Bailey Jameson(BJ). He is a chocolate labrador. His birthday is 15/09/2017 and we adopted him on 30/10/2017. After we adopted him, we started to train him. We had some challenges along the way, mostly my parents:) So I was thinking a way to help them by using my stem and coding skills. This is when I decided to make T@chowuff, a smart collar. In short, I would like to help dog owners to have a nicer experience with their pups as I would have if I had T@chowuff”

The collar tracks your dogs movements, lets you know where they are and how many steps they have walked among other things!

Alessia, Marta, Jacopo and  Andrea (all aged 13) from Brianza Dojo, Italy made the Hardware Project “JAAM WASTE-RECYCLE PROJECT”

“We develop a smart trash bin who is able to detect the material of which junk is composed so, for example, we can guarantee that plastic, aluminium and paper are put in the right trash bin. We proposed this project to different primary schools : Mezzago and Bellusco. The purpose of the project is involve the students and teachers to recycle the trash in a correct way . Because this is not always done.”

Elisa (11) and Victor (13) from Timisoara @ CDLoga Dojo in Romania, made the Scratch Project “Terrabots”!

“Terrabots is a single-player puzzle-platformer game. The characters are discovery robots from Earth – Terrabots. They crash-landed on an Earth-like planet. The game is developed on four different worlds, somewhere in the universe Each world has three searching areas and a base which can be personalized. The player launches Terrabots that move to different areas that are randomly generated. Terrabots can improve their performance by using various skills that help them discover new places, find resources, collect new items on their own, make new constructions, in order to find a way to return to Terra.”

(Note: Elisa and Victor won 1st place in the 13+ Scratch category)

Joseph (17) from Glasgow@Mitchell Library Dojo in Scotland made the Website project “Ballot Addict”

Ballot Addict is a website dedicated to explaining and predicting elections all over the globe. While still a work in progress, the site already has descriptions to aid people’s understanding of electoral systems, and their own country’s politics, as well as election forecasters, which make a forecast about an election in a country, given user-inputed numbers corresponding to assumed support for political parties.

The project is designed primarily to educate, though there’s certainly a lot of use in it for political nerds.

Shannon (12) and Emma (12) from Dublin 8 @ SWICN Computer Clubhouse, Ireland made the Game “The Haunted Clubhouse”

They used Raspberry Pi programmed using python to make a turn a replica of the swicn club house into a board game; “a haunted board game with funny characters including you you can pick a character here are you choices : you can be lumiair, tv tom or milly muffin.
You must collect potions and return them to the start . but people can kill you so you have to do dares. you must do everything or you will have to start again!”

Alexandra , Radu  and Teodor (all aged 16) from Bucuresti Nord, Romania with their Evolution project “Smart Home”


Simple to use home automation making life easier for everyone. The project is useful for the elderly and the disabled, but also anyone interested in simplifying some chores.

The project uses arduinos, programmed in Java and also android mobile technology. It can send a notification to you phone or smart watch if someone other than you enters your house. It can also be used to close the curtains from your mobile or turn on and off lights by clapping your hands using a sound sensor.

Peter (10) from Dublin 8 @ SWICN Computer Clubhouse, Ireland made the Hardware project “LEGO 3D Printer”

I made a 3d printer out of lego that can print multiple shapes.

(Note: Peter won 1st place in the Hardware under 12 category )

Prahlad (15) from Brisbane Square Library Dojo, Austrailia made the Website “Magikcraft / MCT1”

“Magikcraft teaches kids to code JavaScript in Minecraft, using the metaphor of magic. Magik is a power that enables people to do impossible things by saying special words, and that’s what programming is. Magikcraft makes learning to program in JavaScript fun and engaging for kids.

MCT1 is a mod built using Magikcraft that provides a simulated experience of Type 1 Diabetes in Minecraft. It is used to educate and empower children and families living with Type 1 Diabetes, and create connected community.”

Nahel (13), Matthieu (14), Arnaud (14), and Ethan (12) from Brickodeurs:Saint Gratien 95 Dojo in France made the Hardware project “QuestionnaiR-Fid”


This project aim to create a questionnaire managed by Lego Mindstorms Brick with a RFID sensor. Exhibitions and techers can use it. You can see more pictures of it here.

Aoibheann (11) from Cloghans Hill, Tuam Dojo, Ireland made a Scratch Project “Hospital Holly+Henry” 

“My project is about helping children who are going into hospital for the first time or maybe repeatedly to understand some of the processes involved. Its a Scratch story interface that reacts with a real life doll that the child will get and the buttons they use help tell the child about things like blood tests and xrays”

(Note: Aoibheann won the Openet Stage Prize)

Kavi (15) of Tiburon CoderDojo @ BelTib Library Dojo in the United Sates, made the Mobile Project “Chew IQ”

Here Kavi is showing her project to the US ambassador to Ireland, Reece Smyth.

“Chew IQ is an app that helps kids and teens make healthy food choices in an intuitive, simple, fun and social environment. The app uses exercise equivalents, the amount of physical activity needed to burn off a specific food, in order to put health in simpler terms for kids.” Kavi made the Apple Mobile app in Swift.

Well done to all the CoderDojo ninjas who presented their projects at this years Coolest Projects event. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next year!