Coolest Projects 2021: Announcing the favourites

Yesterday the whole Coolest Projects community came together for a celebration livestream to applaud all of this year’s young creators for their dedication, creativity, and love for making things with tech! Led by hosts Maddie Moate and Greg Foot, we all had a wonderful time at this live event full of awesome tech creations, stories from participants, and inspiring words from our special judges. We haven’t stopped smiling since!

At the celebration, we also revealed whose projects are the judges’ favourites this year — congratulations to the favourites’ creators, and to everyone who has participated in Coolest Projects online 2021!

Our special judges for the Coolest Projects online showcase 2021

Colin Furze is a British YouTube personality, presenter, inventor, and five-time Guinness world record holder from Lincolnshire, England. Watch all of Colin’s favourites.

Melissa Pickering is Head of Product at LEGO Education, leading a cross-functional team to design and develop learning through play experiences for kids globally. Watch all of Melissa’s favourites.

Fionnghuala O’Reilly is an Irish-American model, beauty pageant titleholder, and engineer. Fig is a passionate advocate for women and diversity in STEM subjects. Watch all of Fig’s favourites.

James Whelton is a coder, entrepreneur, and co-founder of CoderDojo. At 16, James gained worldwide recognition for discovering a hack for the iPod Nano. Watch all of James’s favourites.

So which projects exactly did the special judges choose as their favourites from among all of this year’s amazing creations?

Judges’ favourite Hardware projects

Judges’ favourite Games projects

  • The Unity-based game Science Fighter created by Yusuf and Ömer Faruk in Turkey was chosen by Colin
  • The VR game Escape the Maze created by Niamh from a CoderDojo in Ireland was chosen by Melissa
  • The Minecraft-based game Coolest Minecraft Mod created by Colvin in the USA was chosen by Fig
  • The Python-based quiz game Think Twice created by Agustín, Joaquín, Lucero, Lucía, and Luis Salvador from Peru was chosen by James

Judges’ favourite Web projects

Judges’ favourite Scratch projects

  • Math Race created by Muntadar from a CoderDojo in Iraq was chosen by Colin
  • Rocket Game created by Patrick Elliot in Indonesia was chosen by Melissa
  • Mars Rover Simulator created by Althafazrais in Indonesia was chosen by Fig
  • Earth OS created by Bhavishyaa in Canada was chosen by James

Judges’ favourite Mobile Apps projects

  • Safe Circle created by Dillon from a CoderDojo in Ireland was chosen by Colin
  • Hospito created by Yuvati in India was chosen by Melissa
  • Give Me That ENERGY!! created by Kayleigh and Kaitlyn from Ireland was chosen by Fig
  • Birds AI Peep-chan created by Shunsuke from a CoderDojo in Japan was chosen by James

Judges’ favourite Advanced Programming projects

Sponsors’ favourite projects

  • Cap for the blind created by Archit from a Code Club in India was chosen by Coolest Projects sponsor Broadcom Foundation as part of the Broadcom Coding with Commitment programme
  • Ora created by Vedant in the USA was chosen collectively by Coolest Projects sponsors EPAM, Liberty Global, and Virgin Media Ireland

Explore over 1000 projects

1385 young tech creators from 47 countries are part of this year’s Coolest Projects online, and they have shared 1168 wonderful projects with the world! All their creations — games, hardware builds, Scratch projects, mobile apps, websites, and more — are on display in the showcase gallery now.

Which one is your favourite?

The global Coolest Projects showcase wouldn’t be possible without the support of our sponsors, which has enabled us to make this year’s online showcase so inspiring for a world-wide community of young people. A big thank you to all of them for their support!