Open now: the Coolest Projects showcase gallery!

Today we’re delighted to open the Coolest Projects online 2021 showcase gallery for visitors! You can now go discover this year’s cool projects from young tech creators across the globe and be part of celebrating their achievements. Of course there is still plenty of room for more in the gallery — young creators can share what they’ve made with the world by registering a project today.

The countdown has officially begun: you’ve got less than three weeks (!) to go until registration closes.

Celebrate projects from across the world 

In the showcase gallery, you get to explore the projects of all Coolest Projects online participants: games, hardware builds, Scratch projects, mobile apps, and more. You can browse the projects by country and category! So far this year, the participants come from more than 40 countries, including Brazil, Serbia, and Afghanistan.

If you can’t spot your project yet, don’t worry! After you’ve registered, it can take up to 5 days before your creation ‘goes live’ in the showcase gallery.

Register before 3 May to be a part of the showcase gallery

Whatever your young people get inspired by, every project has a purpose, and we can’t wait to celebrate them all.

Now that Coolest Projects is online, it’s really important that young creators answer three questions about their projects when they register. Their answers will help our judges learn more about how they made their projects. 

Questions to help young creators: 

  1. Tell us about your project. Why did you choose to make it?
  2. What did you find difficult while making your project and how did you work it out?
  3. Is there anything you would do differently or you would add if you had more time?

For Scratch projects, make sure the answers are written in the notes and credits section. For other projects, include the answers in the video. Have a read of our registration guide for more information.

This year’s Coolest Projects online showcase wouldn’t be possible without the support of our sponsors — thank you!