The Coolest Projects showcase gallery is live!

We’re delighted to announce that the Coolest Projects online showcase gallery is open! You can now discover hundreds of cool projects from young tech creators across the world.

As many young people all over the world are at home, the showcase gallery is an online space for them to share their tech projects, be inspired by their peers, and celebrate and recognise each other’s achievements as a community.

Discover over 500 projects

In the showcase gallery, you get to explore the projects of all Coolest Projects online participants: games, hardware builds, Scratch projects, mobile apps, and more. You can browse the projects by country and category, and with more than 500 projects waiting for you, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Participants from across the world are taking part

Coolest Projects is a great opportunity for young people to get creative, have fun, learn from others around the world, and be a part of something truly special. In our online showcase, participants have registered projects from their homes in 39 countries, including Ireland, Australia, Palestine, UK, USA, India, and Indonesia! In total, an incredible 560 projects from 775 young creators are part of the showcase.

Special judges will pick out their favourites

While you explore all the projects in our showcase gallery, our special judges will be busy picking out their favourites. We’ve been lucky enough to enlist Tim Peake, Limor Fried, Mitch Resnick, Hayaatun Sillem, and Eben Upton to choose the projects they like best among all the entries. 

You can view all the projects in our showcase gallery now and celebrate the young tech creators by sharing your favourite project with your friends and family, or posting about it on social media — and remember to tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

This year’s Coolest Projects online showcase wouldn’t be possible without the support of our sponsors — thank you!