Travel bursary tales: Sofia and Mihai’s dream to save endangered species

Sofia and Mihai, both aged 9, travelled to Coolest Projects International 2019 from Slatina in Romania, where they attend a Code Club in their community. Sofia and Mihai both love animals, and created their project, Friendship Saves Endangered Species, to raise awareness about the fragile ecosystem. 

New friends and new skills

For Sofia and Mihai, Coolest Projects International was an opportunity to make new friends with similar interests to them, talk about their work, and develop their confidence and presentation skills: “For us, it was wonderful to see so many kids with cool projects! We made friends and we got inspired for new projects. Our favourite part of the day was the fact that many visitors came to our stand and asked us questions about our project.” 

A new world of possibilities and opportunities

Coolest Projects can open the door to a whole new world of possibilities and provide young people with an introduction into a global community of digital creators. This is especially significant for younger children, such as Sofia and Mihai, who have now seen for themselves what they are capable of achieving. Their advice for other young people thinking of getting involved in the future is: “Follow your dream, put your ideas into practice, because Coolest Projects is a great opportunity!”