Apply for a travel bursary for Coolest Projects International 2019

Apply for a travel bursary for Coolest Projects International 2019

We’re accepting applications from community members who would like to receive a bursary for travelling to Coolest Projects International 2019 from around the world.

The 2019 international Coolest Projects showcase will be held on Sunday, 5 May in the Main Hall, RDS, Dublin, Ireland. In addition to young Irish creators, our goal is to have participants from outside of Ireland showcase more than 100 projects.

About our travel bursaries

Travel bursaries are financial, need-based awards that do not have to be repaid. For us, the aim of providing travel funding is to help participants travelling to Coolest Projects from further afield offset travel costs. Each travel bursary is intended to cover part (or in some exceptional circumstances, all) of a participant’s (or group of participants) travel cost, for example expenses such as flights, car milage, train tickets, or overnight accommodation.

In order to be eligible for a travel bursary, you must attend and showcase a project at Coolest Projects International 2019, and you must be a member of an active, registered CoderDojo, Code Club, or Raspberry Jam.

Bursaries are intended for youth who wish to enter the Coolest Projects showcase and would not be able to afford the travel costs without a bursary. Those who do not receive the bursary can still attend the event by funding their own journey or securing other sponsorship.

The information you give us in the application form will help us allocate and distribute the travel funds we have. Our selection criteria take into account many factors, including need, location, community contribution, and our goal of ensuring a diverse group of participants. We also consider the ratio of adults to young people covered by your application: we will favour groups that have a higher proportion of young people than adults, as this allows us to award more bursaries to young people. Your application may not be considered in areas where there is a regional Coolest Projects event available your club members can attend.

Important information

Please note the following before submitting your application for your Coolest Projects International 2019 travel bursary:

  1. If you should be awarded a travel bursary, you must first guarantee your commitment to be on-site at Coolest Projects before accepting the funds
  2. Young people must be accompanied by an adult (parent, guardian, mentor, or champion) when traveling to Coolest Projects
  3. The Raspberry Pi Foundation and the Coolest Projects team are not responsible for any individual looking to attend or attending the event
  4. The Raspberry Pi Foundation reserves the right to terminate the awarded travel funds at any time, where the recipient holder no longer meets the terms and conditions
  5. Bursary applications will close on at midnight GMT 12 January 2019.

To apply now, just enter your details on our application form linked here.

If you have any questions. please contact us at [email protected].