Wi-Fi at Coolest Projects International 2018

This is a brief memo on wifi at Coolest Projects International 2018.

Due to the size of the event we can only support 5Ghz Wifi spectrum. This is the same as in the previous two years of the event. This will not impact most people as most modern laptops like Microsoft Surface or Apple support 5Ghz wifi, additionally most projects will run without the need for wifi. 


Our advice

We recommend all Ninjas either have an offline version of their project or record a video of their project in action as a back up to show judges. To check if your project will work in offline mode, turn off wifi on your computer and see can you still demo the project.

Continue reading to understand if your machine/project supports 5Ghz wifi.

What is 5 Ghz Wifi?

5Ghz is a band / frequency that supports up to 1300Mbs speeds. It’s more effective than 2.4Ghz band due to the fact there are less devices interfering with this spectrum (for example radio mics).5Ghz can operate much more effectively in an event the size of Coolest Projects. Due to the size and amount of devices which would interfere with 2.4Ghz band we will have it turned off. For anyone curious and wants more information on the bands please read this article.

How do I access Wifi at the RDS next Saturday?

When you are setting up at the RDS next weekend and are connecting to the internet you will find a network called coolestprojects  – the wifi password will be printed on your lanyard on the day.



How do I check if my laptop supports 5 Ghz Wifi?

The video will show you how to check this on your windows laptop.  To check you will need to open the CMD terminal on your windows machine and run the following command;

netsh wlan show drivers


I have a hardware project. How does this affect me?

Some hardware devices do not support 5Ghz wifi spectrum so please look at the requirements for your hardware device.  Alternatively on the day we will have dedicated network ports (Ethernet) available to be used when projects are being judged that cannot access wifi and will be available to be used.  

What if my laptop does not support 5 Ghz Wifi?

If your laptop does not support 5 Ghz please don’t worry. Check whether your laptop has a network port (Ethernet port). There will be network points at the end of dedicated desk rows where you will be able to connect you laptop to when being judged.  When you get to the event make sure this works for you.

Alternatively 5Ghz adapters can be purchased in any electronic store simple ask for “5Ghz wifi USB adapter”. Here is a sample adapter.

Hotspots reduce the wifi capacity in the RDS Simmonscourt, so please avoid using them.


Require more information?

If you have any further information please contact: [email protected]

Looking forward to welcoming you to the RDS next Saturday and remember the Green shirt volunteers are on hand to help you setup on the day.