Nominations now open for the Coolest Club Award!

This year we are really excited to announce a new award at Coolest Projects International; the Coolest Club AwardThis award is for clubs who truly embody the spirit of Coolest Projects, showing creativity and collaboration.


What’s the criteria to nominate a club?

The criteria for entry are as follows;

  • Your club must be a registered Code Club, CoderDojo or Raspberry Jam and must run regularly (at least once a month)
  • Your club must have at least 1 project entered into Coolest Projects and their must be a representative from your club attending Coolest Projects International in Dublin on May 26th. 

How we will choose the winner?

A panel of representatives of equal mix from CoderDojo, Code Club and Raspberry Jam will review and select a winner based on the entries received. We are looking for clubs who are creative, have built an outstanding community and love to collaborate.


What do I have to do to enter?

You just have to tell us what makes your club cool? You can do this through song, dance, video, a cool game or in writing but mainly we just want to know what is awesome about your club!

Volunteers or attendees can nominate their club. The most entries for your club does not mean you will win – in fact we would encourage you to work on one nomination together for your club! 

The deadline for nominations is Wednesday, May 23rd.


Nominate your Club today!