Andrea’s inspiring idea to help sick children

Coolest Projects: Andrea’s inspiring idea to help sick children

Over the last few weeks we have been hearing from participants of last year’s Coolest Projects showcase, as part of our series of community stories. This time, we are delighted to share Andrea’s experience of Coolest Projects 2017. Andrea is a Ninja at Sofia@Muzeiko in Bulgaria and was just 7 years old when she attended the event at the RDS last year with her amazing project, Donate Hair for Cancer Wigs.


Heartfelt inspiration for a noble cause

Andrea’s project took the form of a short story, which she coded using Scratch. She was inspired to take action when she saw a tv show about children with cancer, and how hair can be donated to make wigs for these young patients. Having donated hair herself, Andrea wanted to spread the message about this worthy cause: Coolest Projects 2017 was the perfect place with so many kids attending from all around the world…I was hoping that they can see my project and to accept this cool idea for supporting kids with cancer.”


New friendships are formed

Andrea recalls her experience in Dublin as an unforgettable and amazing time. Together with her mom, Andrea spent 5 days in Dublin for Coolest Projects, and it was also their first time in the city: We loved everything!”

A strong friendship was formed when Andrea and her mom met another Bulgarian family at the airport, including fellow Ninja Martina, who was travelling to Coolest Projects too! The families spent the whole 5 days together and Andrea and Martina have been close friends ever since; “Martina has become my close friend and it was fun all the time. She bought me a present to remember our trip in Dublin – a friendship ring.” The girls had an amazing time together, “laughing all day, finding interesting things to do, watching other kids’ projects, learning new stuff and eating ice cream.”

When it came to demonstrating her project, Andrea was supported by Martina’s dad, who translated for her while she was presenting on stage. Learning about the kindness and integrity behind Andrea’s project was a heart-warming moment for all involved; “The man who asked me questions was about to cry when I told my project idea.”


The spirit of Coolest Projects

As Andrea’s story shows, the Coolest Projects showcase is all about recognising brilliant ideas, celebrating creativity and forming friendships and connections with people who have shared passions. Her advice to other young people who are thinking of attending this year is; “just do what you want to do and what is in your heart… and bring your smile :)” Spoken like a true Ninja- thank you Andrea!


Register your Coolest Projects idea

If you have been inspired by Andrea and have an idea that you are working on at your Dojo or Raspberry Pi initiative, make sure to register your project for the Coolest Projects International event here. This year, Coolest Projects is also coming to the UK for an exciting UK event, which you can register for here. The closing date for registrations is the 25th March 2018 for both events, so we will look forward to receiving your ideas before then!

If you are unable to attend Coolest Projects this year, you can still share with us what you’re making using #MyCoolestProject to be in with a chance of winning a Pi Zero and more awesome prizes! Check out this blog post to find out more.