CoderDojo Coolest Projects Showcase 2017 – Project Categories and Judging Criteria explained

CoderDojo Coolest Projects Showcase 2017 – Project Categories and Judging Criteria explained


Project Categories

CoderDojo Coolest Projects has 6 different project categories, they are:

  • Scratch – Anything developed using the Scratch platform, from games to animations.
  • Websites – This category is for websites which showcase or inform people about any topic that you like. These sites are built using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Finding activities to keep you occupied over the summer or getting the history of your town.
  • Games + Web Games – The games category is for every kind of game made in any language on any technology. This category excites and engages at every level and we want members to develop games that excite all those who attend.
  • Mobile Apps – The applications category is for interactive mobile apps which help, inform or entertain people
  • Hardware – Robots, machines and hacks. The hardware category is for projects that use hardware, like the Intel Galileo, Raspberry Pi, Arduino or any hardware platform, to change the physical world around them using code and hardware.
  • Evolution – This encompasses the members who have taken their CoderDojo projects to the next level, it includes the latest and greatest real web applications, enterprise projects that members have launched and advanced language computation such as C++.  This category is a mix of complex computing projects.


Judging Criteria

There will be official CoderDojo Coolest Projects Judges on the day of the event. They will be reviewing and scoring all of the projects being showcased on the day.

You will have the opportunity to present your project to the judges. Presenting your project is a fun part of the day – don’t be intimidated, the judges are looking forward to hearing all about your project and ideas.

There are four areas where marks will be awarded to each project and some pointers to help guide you:

  • Coolness – 20 marks
    • How cool is your idea?
    • How unique is your idea
  • Complexity – 10 marks
    • What level of technology is used?
  • Design & Usability – 10 marks
    • What does your project look like?
    • How user-friendly is your project?
  • Presentation & Communication – 10 marks
    • How do you present and explain your project to the judges

It is important to keep in mind that the main aim of CoderDojo Coolest Projects is to reward and encourage the creativity of all CoderDojo members on the day of the event.

Projects of all levels are welcomed from the CoderDojo Community.

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