We talk to Niall (13), the creator of Kehoe Games!


We recently had a chat with CoderDojo youth mentor and Coolest Projects ninja, Niall, about his experience at CoderDojo and advice for young developers.

When did you join your Dojo and why?

  • I joined CoderDojo Enniscorthy because my Dad heard about CoderDojo on the radio and thought I would enjoy it.

Do you remember what you thought about coding then?

  • I didn’t really fully understand what coding was then. I suppose I just thought of it as a set of instructions.
Do you have any other hobbies or interests? If so, tell us about them.
  • I play Hurling, football, golf, tennis, hockey and swimming mainly. I also sing.
What’s the favourite project that you’ve built with technology?
  • My favourite project I’ve worked on so far is My Voice 2.0. I submitted it for the Coolest Projects 2016! A description and pictures can be found here.
How did you move on from the first language you learnt?
  • I first learn’t HTML and that kind of lead on to CSS. Then PHP > Java > C > C++ > Objective C > Swift
What would your dream job be?
  • Probably at Google or Apple.
What advice/top tips would you offer to other young coders starting out?
  • Give it a go. Find what you like making. Never stay to long on the one thing or you’ll get bored.
Niall recently worked with the team over at Salesforce to develop a new app which is now on the app store, read all about it here. Congratulations Niall on releasing your 4th app! You are a inspiration to us all!
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Photo credit: Irish Times