Deadline extended only for 4 more days!!!

We have extended the applications deadline for The CoderDojo Coolest Projects Awards until midnight, this Friday, May 27th. You can register your scratch, website, app or hardware projects here:

Remember projects do not have to be completed before you register them for the Awards.

The Coolest Projects Awards is both a competition and exhibition that supports a generation CoderDojo innovators, creators and entrepreneurs aged from 7 to 17. The Coolest Projects offers young people the opportunity to showcase the skills they have learned at their local CoderDojo, to a European audience. In 2015, Coolest Projects awards featured more than 500 entries from young people across Ireland and beyond and attracted more than 5,000 spectators to witness demonstrations their submissions.

This year the awards are going to be bigger and better than ever before! Our project applications are almost at capacity! But to let last minute projects register we have extended the deadline until Friday! We already have project entries from Dojos in Ireland, Romania, Italy, the UK, Bulgaria, Poland, Belgium, Portugal, Spain and Turkey among others. However, we would love to see even more great project ideas coming in from CoderDojo ninjas around Europe!

In particular we encourage as many girls who have ideas they are working on to register their projects before Friday. Female participation in STEM is something we here at CoderDojo strive to encourage and improve. Coolest Projects offers a great opportunity for children to be exposed to role models and ideas that encourage them to remain involved in technology into the future.

We would also love to see more entries utilising advanced languages to partake in the evolution category. This category currently has the lowest number of projects entered, therefore giving entrants using advanced languages a better chance of being awarded in that category!

Finally, we are aware of an issue with some group registrations which we are working on rectifying. If you experience a problem with your group registration be sure to email us: [email protected]