Tell us about yourself.

My name is Tiana, I’m 10 years old and in 4th class. I have a dog whose name is Kiya. I come from a big family with 4 older sisters, 1 older brother and a baby brother.

What do you love about coding?

I really enjoy coding because I’m able to build any website I want. I also love that I can code with friends!

What got you interested in coding / CoderDojo?

I love that CoderDojo is interactive it’s not like you have to be quiet and work on the computer by yourself.

Do you attend a CoderDojo?

Yes, I started going to the Docklands Dojo because my sister was involved in setting it up. I’ve been going here for 3 months and really enjoy it.

Tell us about your Coolest Projects entry this year.

I am entering the Coolest Projects with my friend Susan. Together we are building a website all about healthy eating. We are putting in information about healthy and unhealthy foods, as well as tips to stay healthy and fit. We decided to build a website about this topic because it’s a problem in our country today, and we hope our website will help other children!

What advice would you give to young people about learning to code?

It’s a lot of fun, and you are able to build whatever you what. Its also easy! The volunteers are there to help you and are all very nice and friendly! So if you are interested you should just join a Dojo!

Do you have any advice for any girls who might be too intimidated to start coding?

It’s not just for boys its for girls! We need more girls to join Dojos so that people will see that it’s not just for boys! The girls that are in my Dojo are having lots of fun, so there is nothing to be scared of!