Operations Manager Global Public Affairs @ Intel

Paul Phelan

Paul Phelan is Operations Manager Global Public Affairs @ Intel. In this role he ensures the business operates effectively and efficiently delivering strategic and cost objectives through regular operational reviews and rigorous budget and financial management. He represents Intel with government and education representatives, in the local community, and develops and communicates Intel messages with external stakeholders.  Paul also manages the development, implementation and coordination of internal and external Corporate Affairs programmes and strategies, with the goal of establishing and maintaining a favorable image of the company with investors, potential customers, employees and the public. Paul Holds a Degree in Business and a Diploma in Public Relations.

A 20 year Intel veteran, Paul has held other positions within Intel as an Operations Manager in the Manufacturing group before moving to the Corporate Affairs Group as a Program Manager and it was in this role that Paul became interested in the CoderDojo movement where he helped establish the Coolest Projects awards hosting the first event at Intel Ireland in 2012. He has been a judge at Coolest projects awards for the past two years.