European Digital Girl of the Year 2015

Lauren Boyle

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Lauren Boyle I’m 10 years old. I attend and Mentor at my local CoderDojo. I was part of a team of mentors at a recent hack in DCU. I won EU Digital Girl of the Year 2014 and I’m a big STEM (science, tech, engineering & maths) advocate. I like to play violin and am a part of the DIT Sinfonia Orchestra. I’ve just been recently accepted into the Dublin Youth Orchestra! I’ve also taken part in a panel to an audience of 5000 at the Web Summit for Schools and presented at the main Web Summit event! A hi-light last year for me was teaching Enda Kenny to code as part of the Hour of Code and helping launch the event.

What do you love about CoderDojo?

I love CoderDojo because its a place you can come and learn to code, make new friends and be creative. The mentors are really helpful if you are stuck on something. Learning to code is done in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. I really like being creative and coding gives me an opportunity to put my ideas into a digital world.

What do you like about the Coolest Projects Awards?

I enjoyed the last two Coolest Projects. They were great fun, the atmosphere was amazing. The projects that kids do are a mixture between educational, informative and fun. I  like seeing what kids can create with technology. Coolest Projects is one of the best days of the year. CoderDojo, Noel King and all the Mentors and Coolest Project team work really hard to give us all a great day. Cant wait for this years Coolest Projects!

Tell us about your entry last year to Coolest Projects:

I was so happy to to be one of the overall winner of the Scratch category of the Coolest Projects in 2013. The next year (2014) I was runner up for my website Cool Kids Studio, a life skills site for kids. Since the awards I have developed two further sites on healthy eating and a maker site.

Did you win any other awards (please explain):

  • Dot IE Net Visionary Awards, Excellence the Next Generation 2014
  • Part of a winning team that won This is Not a Game sponsored by the American Embassy 2015
  • Won the Creative Web Coding category at the Eircom Junior Spiders Awards 2015 

Are you entering into this year’s Coolest Projects:

Yes, I’m entering an app in this years Coolest Projects. I’m also developing a website, check out Lauren on Twitter @laureboyletech also Cool Steam Kids onTwitter @coolsteamkids and the website is

Lauren will be the youngest speaker at Silicon Republics InspireFest in June 2015 she will be launching the app in Ireland at the event!