Harvey Brezina Conniffe

Hi my name is Harvey Brezina Conniffe.  I am 14 years old and I go to Coderdojo Dublin @ The Warehouse.  I have been going to Coderdojo since it started at the Science Gallery TCD (Now Coderdojo @ The Warehouse).
Besides programming I like archery, piano and drama. I am also a Doctor Who and Star Trek fan. I love computer programming because you can make anything you want with software or hardware. My dad is a programmer so I have been interested in programming from a young age.
My favourite programming language is NodeJS.  I have always liked Javascript and with NodeJS you can have the same programming language on the back-end and on the front-end.  Other programming languages I like are Python, Swift and Java.
Every year I enter and compete in the AIPO (All Ireland Programming Competition).  While I like Node JS I compete with Java because the AIPO does not yet accept Javascript.
I love Coolest Projects because it lets you showcase what you’ve made during the year.  I first entered the 2nd Coolest Projects Awards with a voice based personal assistant (Like Siri).  I called it H.C.A.R.S (after L.C.A.R.S in Star trek).  I actually got to ask Adam Cheyer, co-inventor of Siri, some questions at the Web Summit a couple of years ago which was great.  Then in 2014 I entered Coolest Projects again with Selfies.Camera which let anyone with an IP Camera automatically tweet photos in response to a hashtag – when you tweeted with a hashtag a camera would take a picture and tweet it back to you.  Amazingly it was also featured at SXSW & TechCrunch Distrupt NY and even tested by Mike Butcher chief editor of TechCrunch.  This year I entered Coolest Projects with Family Minder, a system to track small kids in big public places.  It uses beacon technology to trilaterate the kids locations in real time. I am also competing in the young scientist exhibition 2016 with my Family Minder project.
Right now, at the time of writing this, I’m busy working on some Raspberry Pi halloween projects and I’m busy at Coderdojo every Saturday but I’m really looking forward to Coolest Projects in Summer 2016.