Social Innovator

Ciara Hogan

Hi – My name is Ciara Hogan, I’m 11 and I go to Coder Dojo Girls @ DCU.

Where are you from?

Malahide, Co. Dublin

What do you love about coding?

The nice thing about being able to code is that you can turn an idea into reality – and you can do it all yourself. So from a small idea, you can build it into an amazing cool app. And as you build that app, you can add new parts to it, and it gets better and better in front of your eyes.

What got you interested in coding?

My dad heard about coolest projects (it was the second year it was running) and I went to it and I saw some pretty cool apps built by people who just like me, so I though that if they can do it – and can do it too.

Do you attend / mentor at a CoderDojo?

I attend the CoderDojo @ DCU and I also do a little bit of mentor because some people ask questions and sometimes I know the answer and can help.

What’s your favourite coding language?

I have to say AI2 App Inventor for creating apps for the android, although scratch is pretty cool, but I prefer AI2 App Inventor because you can make apps.

Tell us a little about the projects your have created for Coolest Projects?

I’ve done two projects for coolest projects.

For my first coolest project I made a charity action app were you can buy and sell things to raise money for a charify – and I was lucky enough to win second place in the app section that year.

My second project which I called assist-o-matic, it was for people who are being looked after by someone, so they can contact the caregiver easily with the touch of a button and so that the caregiver doesn’t have to keep checking in with them because they know that if the person needs something they will call using the app and it also means that the caregiver doesn’t have to strain their ears and the person being looked after doesn’t have to shout to get help. It is a very straightforward app for the person being looked after to use. What’s cool is that you can adjust the buttons so that the person being looked after just have touch picture of the thing they want. When they touch that button it sends a picture over twitter to the caregiver who will receive the picture plus hear the message being read out loud.

What is the potential of your project ?

For my assist-o-matic app, it could save people time and be useful because the caregivers actually come when they are wanted and not 20 minutes afterwards and it is also useful so that the caregivers don’t have to continuously check on somebody when they don’t actually want something. I was thinking it could be used in old folks homes and maybe even in hospitals.